Monday 17 November 2008

The new machine

My new sewing machine is two years older than me. Born in 1962, and in fabulous vintage working order (not sure that always applies to me!). My Bernina is reassuringly solid, no plastic casing in sight. She pootles along at a gentle cruising speed, unlike the young Toyota who was always in the fast lane. Straightforward instructions, all in english, and clear illustrative photos. What more could I want?

This lovely old machine was given to me by an elderly client, who said she hoped I could find someone to get it working. I assumed, therefore, that it didn't currently work, and as I had no use for it (this was last year) I gave it to my sister G as a back up machine for her Bernina. Her need is greater than mine as she sews soft furnishings for a living. To cut a long story short, it was serviced and all it needed was a little oil here and there, and a clean.

It has now found its way back to me as G acquired a nearly-new Bernina in an auction. What a relief - I know my way round this machine and it does the basic things I need.

I am just finishing off something for the Christmas Swap that French Knots organized. Cutting it close to the bone as always. Meant to be in the post by wednesday.....


ginny said...

hi Diana,
It looks like a great solid little machine. I bet you are so pleased to have it back. I have just finished my swap gift today.. mine has got to find it's way to Tasmania... so i was anxious that i too am cutting it fine. Thanks for your message. Weekend was good... had Rufus's christening yestrerday which was lovely.
A manic week for me. Will speak soon.
Lots of love. Thinking of you.
ginny xx

A time to dance said...

Now thats what I could do lovely old brother ...which Mr Bricolage bought me when we fist got married twenty years not that well despite regular love and care and services...years of making mohair teddy bears has taken is for christmas the family are all putting together to buy me a machine...a simple one for a bear of very little brain...when it comes to machines...... lovely photos as usal...the blanket is finished and the two beaded flowers are going on Polly's hottie when I finish it...Mr B's jumper is the focus of attention in the house at the moment...have a lovely day
love H

nimblejacks said...

mine is a Singer that was my gran's machine she had the same birthday as my Kiera and my mother in law odd fact that one. I love my Singer and I love winding the handle, is that odd?
Sadly it won't zigzag.. if only..

Louise said...

What a lovely machine and in such fantastic condition, obviously cared for by the previous owner. I think something like this may be perfect for me, if one day I ever get the chance to try my hand at needlework. I am only mid forties, but I hope to retire soon! x

kristina said...

When I took a sewing class at the City Lit, the instructor said they never buy new machines for the college but only old Berninas, as they are so superior to the machines being made today. And my mum, who still has her Singer from university as well as a new Elna, completely agrees that the older machines are much better-made.

And so nice to hear you like to sew at a gentle cruising speed as well. My mum does make fun of how slowly I sew!

K x

Sally Anne said...

What a great old looks exactly like the one I used at school...where I was forever unpicking !