Sunday 9 November 2008

Quick draw

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my one year post. Good to see some people delurking, too. I've not done anything more with the little corsages....I'm all left some great suggestions!

So, a draw....I resorted to a random number generator, in the interests of speed, and sheer laziness. And the number is 24, which is Babs from Little Terraced House. Babs, please email me your info etc, and we can discuss goodies, because there are options!!

And just to reassure you all, my naughty Walter is fine after his cashmere-ingesting episode.

It's hard to be cross with him for long - I wouldn't dream of smacking him, and if you raise your voice, he goes to pieces. Ignoring him is what works. And I find that hard, too. He has the upper paw in this house.


ginny said...

Hi Diana,
good to get some delurkers... your blog is great .. i love it , as you know.
Congratulations to Little Terraced House.. you are in for a treat i am sure.
Oh and naughty Walter.. i hope we meet you soon.

Heart in the country said...

Hi Diana

Walter looks so sweet I don't think I could stay cross with him either :0)

Simone said...

Walter looks as soft as a Teddy bear.

kristina said...

I'd never be able to stay mad at him either. Such a sweetie. K x

Lindsay said...

Just adore Walter - I could cuddle him forever. Am just beginning to see a crack in Husband's armour about getting a replacement for Rescue Dog.

Pipany said...

Hello Diana. Of course Walter has the upper hand. How could he not looking as cute as that? Lucky winner of your giveaway. Off for a look to see who delurked...when I should be working of course! xx

nimblejacks said...

that nose is just asking to be stroked gently ahh, shan't shoe my kids though as they are longing for a dog. At the moment 2 kids, 2 cats one hubby and a barn to finish is enough for this one woman:D

A time to dance said...

I am madly making your little corsages and sewing them on a blanket which I bought from Rowan, I am begining to feel fed up of little blue flowers another thirty to go!!!