Friday 30 May 2008

Purple haze

A couple of miles north from me, heading towards the Penwith Moors, is Madron Carn - a granite outcrop with views across the moors, surrounding farmland, and down to the sea at Mount's Bay. At this time of year the rhododendrons are out, and they provide an unexpected purple shimmer across the landscape. It was a little hazy when I took these photos, but you get the picture.

I have no idea what sort of rhododendrons these are, but each year their growth is rapid and almost thug-like; where they encroach on ancient pathways they are brutally cut back. It may seem harsh, but it's very necessary.

I love sitting on top of the carn - to catch the breeze, to savour the views, and to be enveloped in nature.

Often I have the place to myself...with the dogs, of course. Joining in with the purple/pink theme, get this boy's tongue!!

And now the weekend is here again, and the forecast is sun all the way - here's hoping it stays a while.


Chantelle said...

You have fantastic pictures on your blog!
And nice colour theme for this post. I wish I had a magnificent country side to look at near me. Unfortunately I like in an extremely congested city. =(


Great job though, I'm favouriting you.


Chandni said...

Awww isn't your dog a dear! A lab? Lovely pictures :)

Pipany said...

Hello Diana. great pics and that is a wild rhododendron you have there, probably where all the varieties came from. I am desperately waiting for the sun to come out as I want to get some seed sowing done but it is going a bit dark here just now. Ah well..xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful countryside!

Sally Anne said...

what an enchanting place you live in, and such a beautiful companion to walk with.You are blessed indeed!