Monday 2 March 2009


Finally, a pic or two of my neck warmer, finished a few weeks ago.

I'm in love with this yarn from The Fibre Company (sadly no longer available at Loop) - it's savannah dk, a gorgeous soft blend of hand-dyed organic fibres - merino, linen, cotton and soya.

The end result is a slouchy, drapey, comforting neck warmer - so snuggly, yet light enough that you forget it's there. And barely a day goes by when I'm not wearing it.

A successful knit then.


A time to dance said...

......what a lovely addiction to blue is growing...just making some hand there a pattern for this I have some Colinette ribbon in blue shades which would be nice to use...happy tuesday ...H

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,
the neck warmer looks beautifully soft and the colour is gorgeous.
Are you going to make matching wrist warmers i wonder to replace the ones... i'll say no more. dear Walter we all love him, though i think his jumping on your pillow in the morning beats Paws on mine!!
hope your week is good
with love
Ginny xx

kristina said...

I can so picture you wearing it! And what a super yarn choice. I have the same neck warmer (but in boring gray) and I love it too! K x

Simone said...

I like your slouchy neckwarmer very much. It is ideal for the drafty day that is happening here!

dragonfly said...

It's lovely - so simple, yet so...lovely!

Pipany said...

Hello Diana. Your neckwarmer is lovely and having seen it in 'real' life I can vouch for its softness. I love that colour too. The weather has gone so much colder that I could really do with one myself though having lost my mittens, ought to make yet another pair of those first! Hope you are having a good week xx

Anonymous said...

mmm, I like... Cx

JuliaB said...

oooh! i just noticed, you got rid of your lines!! x