Friday 23 May 2008

Car booting

On wednesday I did a car boot with my neighbour - there are several on locally each week, but this one is considered the best, so off we went. I'd only been once before, a couple of summers ago, and that was to buy plants. This time, we were selling. I am having a super clear-out at home....tired of all the accumulated stuff that as far as I am concerned is past its sell-by date, I not only want to declutter, but also hopefully make a few pounds in the process. My friend was a pro - everything clearly labelled and priced, she was ready for the vultures to descend! And descend they definitely you're trying to set up and quickly empty the car, you need eyes in the back of your head to keep a watch on everything. It really helps having two people. I had priced most things, but ran out of steam at half past midnight the preceeding evening, and gave up. My dread was bringing most of it home again....prices were keen, mostly 50p and £1, and after the first hour I was open to negotiation. Suffice to say, by tot-up time I'd made £81 which was great (and helped pay for the car service and new tyre earlier in the week).

As we cleared up, I prepared a box to go straight to the charity shop, and saved a few other things for the next time. I shall be more prepared! It was also rather gratifying to feel no need or desire to look at any other stall - I know quite clearly that I don't have the need for any more gratuitous purchases. Phew!

(no photos.....didn't even think to take the camera, and surely you don't want to see photos of my clutter, anyway?)

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Exmoorjane said...

Oh well done. I keep meaning to do a car boot but have never got round to it and, as I've never even been to one, really don't know the form. But losing all that clutter is so liberating.