Thursday 8 May 2008

Knitting dishcloths

I've really got the knitting bug, and for the moment I'm getting the hang of it all by knitting dishcloths. These are great small projects for me - I'm learning to read a basic pattern or make up my own. I finished this cloth last night - ever anxious to take a photo this morning, I still hadn't woven the ends in.

I know this looks very simple, especially to all you seasoned knitters out there, but I found I easily got in a muddle with my knits and my purls and lost track of the rows I unravelled when I suddenly noticed, too late, that I'd done two purls one after the other...three rows back! So at times I was very frustrated, but persevered, knowing it would be worth the effort. I laugh when I hear about knitters who watch television and knit at the same time.....if I dare take my eyes off those stitches, the pattern magically changes.

I started off with garter stitch cloths, but they're not very exciting, and they do pull out of shape easily. I like this cloth, which I found on Deb's blog, Homespun Living, and I found it relatively easy to knit too (for a complete beginner!) The other thing which is so satisfying is being able to produce something myself that I would otherwise buy. It gives me real pleasure to do that - another step on the road to simple living.


Anonymous said...

I love the uniqueness of your blog with the beautiful photos. I'm knitting dishclothes too, so it is good to see others! I also loved the photo of the labrador sleeping.
I've wandered here from Rhonda's blog. Will visit again.

ginny said...

Love it.. it matches your blog colours perfectly. I have a fair few garter stitch dishcloths too and have been thinking about knitting a more interesting one... you have inspired me to give it a go! can i ask what type of yarn do you use? ... i have only managed to find dishcloth cotton in a few colours.
Have a good weekend.
ginny x

Anonymous said...

See now, I don't even know what garter stitch is, that's how new this is to me, even though I've been knitting my moss stick blankets since before my six year old was born (though I can count on one hand how many I've done!).

Anonymous said...

What's the pattern for this one Diana, is it moss stitch with plain knit around the outside?