Tuesday 27 May 2008

Sunday for sunshine

Most of the weekend was damp, cold, grey, drizzly, windy...you get the picture, and I think in the uk everywhere was pretty much the same. However, sunday afternoon the sun did come out and it was beautiful - hot and sunny, clear blue skies (and seas). I ventured over to Mousehole where my neighbour had a final exhibition before their gallery closes, as the lease has expired.

After looking at the paintings we sat by the harbour, savouring the warmth from the sun

and looking out to the most perfect blues...

High winds and rain returned yesterday - a day for snuggling up indoors, and embracing chores like the ironing pile, and starting on another dishcloth. I also have some strawberry tales - more of that next time.


Anonymous said...

I love Mousehole! I went there a few times as a child with my parents. It doesn't matter what the weather is like - it is great to look out at a great expanse of water - I miss living by the sea! I am planning to visit my sister in Golant in a month or so - really looking forward to revisiting a few places and seeing the new Tate Gallery! And the Eden Project! Lovely Cornwall!

Pipany said...

Oh I love Mousehole Diana. Where has thee dratted sun gone though? All my pics look dirty because of the lack of light! Ah well, fingers crossed it changes xx