Monday 12 May 2008

A note on dishcloths

Thank you for the dishcloth appreciation! This post is for Pippa and Ginny, who have both asked me about the yarn I use. Well, you can all have a chuckle now...I didn't know there was such a thing as 'dishcloth yarn'! I just assumed you needed to use a yarn that was 100% cotton, so I have been using Rowan cotton dk handknit.

Am I being very extravagant here? As I mentioned before, I had some left over from way back, so I've used that and bought some more here, as I just love the colours. This retails at £3.50/ball, but I've also been looking for cheaper alternatives.

Twilleys of Stamford have an organic cotton dk at £2.50/ball, but with a more limited colour range (better photos at Loop but it's more expensive). There are other options to look at, such as Sirdar and Wendy, and you could also try bamboo or soya yarn.

I finished this dishcloth today - back to the Rowan yarn, shade 287, appropriately called 'Diana' so of course I had to have some! (and yes, I do keep my washing-up bits in an old enamel kidney dish, I'm rather fond of slightly battered blue and white enamelware)

This pattern is my version of Rhonda's - I like to have a little border all the way round, so I added that. So far, I've been knitting on 4mm needles as initially they were the only ones I had. I think if you're going to knit your own dishcloths, you might as well use gorgeous colours, too. Rather typically for me, I go for the all the blues. The other thing is texture - a cloth with a good texture is more effective, and for that my favourite so far is the seed stitch one. But it also took the longest to knit and drove me slightly potty in the process. Lots more pattern ideas here and here.

Happy knitting!


ginny said...

Thanks Diana for this great info. My new dishcloths will be in much nicer colours now!
ginny x

Niki said...

I love the colors, Diana. How do you keep them from fading in the wash? Mine always lose their color so quickly.

Pipany said...

I think your dishcloths are great Diana - almost Farrow & Ball colours! Still sunny here though a little hazy too; how about you? xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diana
I'm just knitting myself a scarf with Rowan wool/cotton and it so nice to knit with. I will have a look in Truro Fabric for their 100% cotton. I have been in Trago this afternoon and they had Patons 100% mercerised cotton, 100gr balls for 2.35. Nice muted colours,I bought a ferny green, match my 1980's bathroom.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to learn new stitches - and a practical one. I love that blue - I feel the need for a dishcloth now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diana, for coming by my blog and telling me about this. So far the only thing I've ever knitted is blankets which are moss stitch all the way down. The idea of something which I have to change every few stitches is rather daunting to me, but I am determined to give it a go!

The only wool though that I have in my bag is all - well wool. I guess I need to go shopping for some cotton yarn. Maybe tomorrow...