Monday 16 March 2009

life is sweet

a cloudless blue sky all weekend
wall to wall sunshine
discarding socks, walking round barefoot at home
warm enough to have the first cup of tea of the day sitting on the bench, catching the morning sun and feeling some heat on my skin
sunshine and shadows

enjoying my favourite woods

stopping mid-walk to sprawl on the grass and read a book, dogs pottering nearby
making ginger biscuits

eating ginger biscuits
foraging for food (more on that soon)
knitting and reading (enjoyable tripe!)
and a forecast of sun for the rest of the week

what more could you want?


Anonymous said...

i was thinking of you tody and imagined you would be out and about enjoying the sunshine.. lovely post.. and those biscuits look delicious!
ginny xxx

Anonymous said...

i love the photo of the trees on the slope- how good you are at photography. I am off to Bcn tomorrow so will see you when I get home. Enjoy the sunshine - today was a reminder of why I live here. Kate x
Ps lovely ginger biscuits!

Gina said...

It doesn't get much better! The biscuits look delicious.

Simone said...

You have captured a glorious day in photos's. The ginger biscuits look divine!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog. I am a keen forager and I am planning a post too (the idea came to me whilst sipping my Sloe Gin!!) You live in a beautiful part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Sounds divine! Beautiful Photos too!

Tilly said...

Sounds fab. I enjoy a touch of tripe myself now and again!

kristina said...

Sounds perfect! And those ginger biscuits look divine. Have you been doing some Fat Hen-style foraging?! K x

kristina said...

Oh my gosh, I just noticed someone else said the biscuits look divine, and I hadn't even read the comments. I guess I better come up with some new adjectives...but they really do! K x

Jackie said...

I found the same tripe very enjoyable last year!