Tuesday 8 April 2008

The bluebells are here

I seem to have lost the last week in a blur of being exhausted after my teeth op, and feeling disjointed in my head, like the dots don't connect anymore. I blame it entirely on the anaesthetic. So not much creating going on, but it's all happening in nature...the bluebells are here!

At the moment they are few and far between, gently scattered, in the woods I walk in several days each week. Soon there will be a rich blue carpet as far as the eye can see. As far as I can tell (and I'm no expert) they are all native english bluebells, and not the spanish imposters that are invading our shores.

The woods are also home to many lichens and mosses, which decorate everything they touch with myriad shades of green

And today I saw some tulips, just the odd one here and there, intense saturated colours, almost startling when everything else around them is green and brown.


JacquiG said...

Bluebells always remind me of playing in the woods when I was a child. I'm hoping to be able to get some bluebell bulbs to plant in my garden here in Ontario, Canada to remind me of those carefree days! Thanks for the memories!!

Pipany said...

I so love Cornwall in the spring; May is my very favourite time as the bluebells are in full flow. have you ever been to the Enys Estate bluebell days Diana? Well worth going as it is the largest bluebell parkland (I think) in Britain xx

Anonymous said...

You take the most beautiful photos, they're ful of mood and soul. I feel uplifted every time I look at them.
You're bunny is just wonderful! It brought a big smile to my face (especially the rear view), Soooo cute! If you can knit that well when you don't think you can knit, then maybe I can too with a bit of luck. Thanks for the inspiration.

Glad to hear you're on the mend, too.

Regards, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs as ever! The sight of Bluebells always transports me back to childhood. I used to go riding in some woods near my home where the ground was always carpeted in great swathes of bluebells - I used to imagine that I was journeying through some enchanted kingdom! I almost bought some bluebells the other day in Homebase! It would be lovely to have some in my own garden although nothing beats the sight of bluebells in their natural habitat.

walter and me said...

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers where I live, not to mention the sea! Marilyn - I would love to send you an email, but have no way of contacting you as your blogger profile is 'anonymous'. Do send me an email at diana@blue-earth.co.uk or leave me your email address. Thank you! Diana x