Wednesday 23 April 2008

Tulip love

I love tulips. Almost as much as I love sweet peas, but not quite. I'm quite selective about colour too - orange hits the spot, as do the maroons, almost blacks, and reds. I'm not so keen on yellow - maybe I'm all yellowed-out after the abundance of daffodils.

This tulip is in a pot all by itself, near some little houses just up the road. I love the different shades of orange, and the splash of black at the throat of the petals

These are meant to be Queen of the Night, but are not as dark as I remember. Some are even brighter - like this one. This morning they were dotted with dewdrops. They're past their best now, a bit ragged round the edges.

And this is 'Rococo' - just beginning to open out. I didn't notice the spider's web when I was taking the picture. These were also planted very late - obvious by the short stems!


Meadowlark Days said...

Wow - those brownies look mouth watering. The rococco tulips look like they'll be very interesting when they open - be sure to post pics!

Anonymous said...

I love tulips! I once stumbled across the most amazing exhibition of Dutch still life painting at the Dulwich Gallery - tulips were very much in evidence. Have you ever read Tulip Fever?