Sunday 13 April 2008

Homemade breakfast and other titbits

Breakfast today was totally homemade......yesterday I made some butter for the first time. It was so satisfying, and very easy (note to self: next time use a deeper bowl so you don't get splatttered with cream). This in turn provided me with the buttermilk to make some soda bread. I haven't made any for a long time and had forgotten how good it can be. Quite different from the bread I make on a regular basis.

Warm bread, fresh butter and homemade jam from local plums (made last summer, or was it the one before?). The trouble is, it's very enticing and oh-so-easy to eat too much. There is still some left, just enough for a paltry breakfast tomorrow.

For almost two months a friend and I have been trying to do a car boot, but each chosen sunday morning has brought a dire weather forecast which has always held true. Today was another chosen sunday, and yet again heavy rain was forecast. We wavered a bit, then decided no, no fun getting wet, and we both have quite a few books to get rid of, which could so easily be ruined in a quick downpour. Contrary to the forecast, it has been dry, and mostly sunny, all day. Lovely weather, but a bit galling to miss a car boot opportunity.

I'm a bit behind in replying to your comments, and I do really appreciate them, thank you. I'll catch up in the next couple of days!


Pipany said...

I can remember my mum making butter when I was a kid (she only did it once or twice). Never done it myself, though we do make our own jams, chutneys, wines, bake bread and have hens & ducks - coo sounds quite good doesn't it? Haven't read that book either but it sounds a good one. Good luck with your own bit of heaven xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello can i be really cheeky and ask you what car boot sale you go to. I moved to St Just in the summer and have yet to find out where my nearest ones would be