Tuesday 29 April 2008

Yellow Tuesday

Today is yellow day, and it's another colour I don't really choose to have in my home. I like yellow in nature and in sunshine and outside, but not on my walls or to wear. My favoured colours come later in the week!

:: lemons in the kitchen

:: bananas (actually, these are still a bit green!)

:: the classic national geographic yellow

:: and this boy's a beautiful pale gold


Tania said...

Hi Diana, I have just been having a look at your lovely site, the climate is so different from where I live. I can't wait until we have some more rain and the country is transformed into lush green. Unfortunately that may not happen as we are in the middle of a drought but we are keeping our fingers crossed. I read your comment on Rhonda's blog about how you live your simple life. Thank you for visiting my place on the web and leaving a nice comment. Have a great day. Tania

Pipany said...

Hello Diana. I thought I checked your blog regularly yet you snuck three posts past me! Love the idea of colour days and, like you, don't usually have yellow in the house but am in love with some grey-toned yellow fabric which I'm usimng for baby hats - managed to make it sound disgusting now!!! xx