Thursday 24 April 2008


I've really been enjoying taking photographs again, after a very long break (years...and more!) so on a whim I decided to see how a couple of my photos would look as postcards. Enter Moo. What a quick and simple process. (that is, after all my dithering about which photos to use) Anyway, my first choice had to be the trees....taken on a sunny day last November, in my favourite woods. What's interesting is this works whatever way you look at it, which I hadn't really appreciated when looking at the image up on my screen.

My other choice was the agapanthus seed heads, though perhaps the cloudy sky is a little too gloomy. Agapanthus grow very easily in Cornwall, and you often see fields of them, grown for the cut-flower market.

I wish now I'd chosen more images, but I did it all in a bit of a hurry. Also, the crop doesn't always work. Next up will be some Moo minicards - I think they'll be trickier to get right as it's a long thin image. I got my digital camera (a Panasonic DMC-TZ3) at about the same time as I started my blog. I wanted something that would fit easily in my bag or pocket, yet had a good magnification and a macro option. At this stage I knew I didn't want a digital slr, though I think that time will come. I rarely use my old Nikon 35mm. What interests me now is mostly taking images of nature - flowers and trees, the sea in all its guises, bits of my home, the dogs....whatever catches my eye.


Simply Shelley said...

Hello Diane, thanks so much for stopping by to see me and leaving a lovely comment. Enjoyed seeing your nice pictures.

Blessings to you, Shelley

Kate said...

Your post cards are lovely. And thank you for popping by my blog, I love hearing from new people.

Anonymous said...

these are really interesting - I'm noticing your photography is just getting stronger and stronger - you are blossoming away there!! hope all is well in your world, Cx