Wednesday 16 April 2008

Finding Fairy Dye

A couple of weeks ago I had a serious clear out and spring clean of my kitchen, and found this little bit of vintage packaging tucked away in a corner.

What's strange is I've never seen it before, and have no idea where it came from. Curiouser and curiouser.... It's a tiny box, about the size of my thumb, with a wonderful illustration on the front, and on the back: Fairy Dyes Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland.

There is a tiny vial of rose pink dye pigment, together with these notes on making your home dying a success

and colour chart information with guidance on the colours you might achieve.

After a google search I found this vintage ad from the 1930s, with another illustration that made me smile. So I guess my little find might date from around then.

I wondered too, Caireen and Suzanne, if you have heard of Fairy Dyes Ltd? Glasgow is more your territory I think!


Aubrey said...

I love finds like that! In the houses that we have lived in, we have found skeleton keys and cook books from the 1890s.

Meadowlark Days said...

Oh, how fun! Are you sure the fairies didn't hide it for you to find?

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I love finding old and mysterious things.

I've just been looking at the cards you sent me. They are so lovely! The nicest I've seen in years. Do you sell them?

Pipany said...

What a lovely name for such a fairy-like package. Wonder how on earth it got there xx

Anonymous said...

No I haven't heard of it... what a lovely find. Perhaps it was put there by fairies... is it a play on words Fairy Di? Cx

Anonymous said...

What a great find! I have never heard of Fairy Dye - perhaps it is something to do with the makers of Fairy cleaning products?