Saturday 12 December 2009

christmas socks

Yesterday's glorious sunset gave rise to blue skies and sunshine today, along with an energizing crispness in the air. My perfect kind of weather. So, chores out the way, in odd moments I have been going round and round with a pair of socks. These are for my Father, and if they're finished in time they'll be a christmas present.

Various criteria must be met:- machine washable, not too tight round the ankle/leg, ample room for toes to wiggle, and not skimping on the foot length. This is perhaps the most daunting bit from a time perspective. We're looking at shoe size 12 (european 47, which sounds even worse). Given that my first pair of socks took the better part of this year from start to finish (admittedly with a long gap between sock one and sock two) what do you think the odds are for finishing in time?

I like using tiny circulars for the main bit of the sock, switching to dpns for turning the heel and the toe decreases. It means no ladders and speedier knitting. These are 20cm addi turbos and the wool is Rico Superba Mexico (both online stores offer excellent mail order). I thought it would be a bit brighter, but in fact it's a great choice for my Father. As you can see, I favour bits of coloured string for stitch markers. I've never got round to buying 'proper' stitch markers, and these work just fine. If you need help knitting socks this book is spot on.

Tomorrow I have a very important date. Lunch over here........ I'm excited!


dragonfly said...

Size 12? V.impressive! You must be a dedicated knitter of socks!
I might try using a circular needle, those little ladders are so frustrating! Thanks for the links.

Pomona said...

I rather like the idea of knitting sensational socks! But not the idea of size 12s - size 5 takes me long enough!

Pomona x

Gina said...

I did a sixe 10 pair for one of my boys and that was challenge enough! We're rooting for you to get them finished.

Pipany said...

I'm excited too!!!! I have made Dave promise to leave plenty of food and he is expecting much in the way of jokes in return. See you soon lovely lady xxx

ginny said...

have a lovely time today and send my love to pip and davey and their lovely family. have fun x

Grandmaibb said...

I am also beavering away on a pair of socks for hubby. I've just started to turn the heel on sock 2. Will I make it? Not sure but I'll have a jolly good try. Have a good lunch with Pipany.


kristina said...

Knitting socks is on my to do list for the new year. But not sure I can remember anything from my sock knitting course--it was ages ago!

The circular needles sound like a super idea.

And good luck--I know you can do it!

K x

Simone said...

Maybe you will finish them in time for next Christmas?!!!x

A time to dance said...

oooh that sounds a good idea although I have recently invested in ebony needles...I love sock knitting i find it really relaxing...enjoy yours...H