Monday 21 December 2009


Today was the shortest day. The sun rose at 8.18am, and set at 4.22pm. This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the winter solstice with stories and things to do (like measuring the length of your shadow at noon, amongst other things).

And it reminds us to celebrate the shortest day because longer days will follow.

And as the light slowly returns it's a time for new beginnings.

And I like that, don't you?

So happy solstice, whether you're celebrating the shortest day or the longest day.


ginny said...

i like that too .. happy solstice to you diana x

Ali said...

I know the days theoretically get longer from now onwards, but it always seems to me that the darkest ones come in January. Perhaps I'll have a little post-solstice-still-dark celebration of my own then.

dottycookie said...

We talked about solstice and celebrated with a tea party and a yule log - well, I know chocolate icing probably isn't all that traditional but I wanted to make it sometime and after Christmas we'll all be too stuffed to want it!