Sunday 6 December 2009

notes from today

+ woke to see sunshine filtering through the curtains (it's been a while)
+ blue skies and no rain (to start with)
+ morning tea, with knitting, sitting on the sofa
+ coffee and toast
+ windswept walk to the beach, dodged the rain showers
+ it was an abundant day for sea glass

+ this haul was from one hour on the beach
+ lots of playing ball with Walter. He paddled, I didn't
+ almost too sunny for photographs

+ roast chicken with friends, profiteroles for pudding. Yum!
+ early evening concert - what a treat
+ home :: chores :: chats :: blog :: relax
+ pretty blissful really!


Pomona said...

We had lots of rain, I didn't get any knitting done ... I am not sure where the day has gone! And no chance of any seaglass. Oh dear!

Pomona x

Clare said...

What lovely sea glass - i can never seem to find any... today was obviously a good day for it. I have the sniffles so stayed inside today

ginny said...

stunning photos diana.. and what beautiful finds... glad to hear you had a calm, restful and creative weekend,
warmest wishes
ginny x

Simone said...

Your day sounds idyllic Diana. It is so good that the rain held off for a while isn't it? Finding sea glass must feel like finding semi-precious stones. x

dottycookie said...

That all sounds wonderful. I've never yet managed to find any sea glass - must keep looking, though only being at the beach infrequently doesn't help!

jane said...

How wonderful - the seaglass is beautiful. And I do envy you being able to pop to the beach! The quarter sound wonderful too.

Pipany said...

Hello you. I haven't found any good sea glass for ages. Perhaps I am looking on the wrong coast? Your day sounded lovely Diana and it's only 5 more sleeps till our meet up - woohoo! x

Pipany said...

Oops, I mean six more sleeps - English teacher not maths you see! x

kristina said...

Sounds like the perfect day. And very envious of all your beautiful sea glass (and lovely dish)! K x

Lisa said...

Oh you sound like you had the most wonderful day!
Lisa x

Louise said...

There's no sea glass to be found on our Sussex beaches. I so wish there was. These pieces are just so beautiful. Today has been wet and grey yet again! x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Diana,
Thank you for your lovely email. :-)
Like you, we love sea glass - the colours, the feel of it in your hands, and the way it changes colour when wet. Your collection looks beautiful - so simple and stylish.
Have a happy week,
D x

Maureen said...

Your seaglass is beautiful, I am full of envy, what a spectacular find. I hope tomorrow is as peaceful a day for you. x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic haul and such subtle colours. Now you can start your own sea glass jewelry workshop! I wonder what you will make from your find....

Griffin said...

Oh I loooove seaglass and I love your name for it too, which I will now use a lot. I have a pale green heart shaped piece, my very own heart of glass!

There is something about beachcombing that is a lot of fun. I love wet pebbles with fine cracks - they are like 3D maps of some unknown city. And driftwood worn smooth by the sea. Sigh, I really miss the beach!