Sunday 13 December 2009

sunday notes

+ Today has been pretty blissful.

+ More blue skies, more sunshine, a nip in the air.

+ Drove over to Pipany's.

+ Squeals of excitement when I knocked on the door, and this loud voice coming from the smallest person of the house, shouts "Walter's here! Walter's here!" (I think he rates more highly as an interesting guest than me when you're Isabella, age 3).

+ Sat down with a glass of mulled wine.

+ Non-stop chatter and laughter.

+ Remembered the last time we got together (why did we leave it so long?).

+ Ginny, we missed you.

+ Much discussion about blogs and blogland.

+ We all got our knitting out - that's me, Pipany, Davey and Lucy. Enough to form our own knitting group, don't you think?

+ Isabella and Elias dipped in and out, keeping an eye on the proceedings.

+ We sat down to a delicious roast pork with perfect crackling (and everything else that makes up a perfect lunch).

+ We discussed the merits of brussels sprouts.

+ We retired to the sofa and continued knitting and chatting and laughing.

+ The fire crackled and glowed in the background.

+ Davey had to go out for two and a half hours. I said I'd definitely be gone by the time he got back. Not true....I was still firmly planted on the sofa. Who wants to go home when they're having such a wonderful time?

+ Presents were exchanged. Pipany gave me one of her beautiful notebooks. She knows I have an absolute passion for stationery and paper. Even if sometimes I just arrange it all in pretty little still lifes, just so I can admire it.

+ I wasn't as organised as Pipany, but I did make some pinecone firelighters which I scented with clove and sweet orange. Piled up in an old terracotta pot and wrapped with brown paper and string.

(these were easy to make - I'll try and do a how-to in the week)

+ Eventually, Walter and I left that warm, cosy, welcoming house and drove home.

+ By comparison, my own house was dark and cold, and lacking the laughter, warmth and friendship that that lingers in the air when you've been spending time with friends you really connect with.

+ Thank you, Pipany (and family). It was a great day!


Ali said...

A day with friends can be the best thing. Yours sounds special.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had the most perfect day.
Lisa x

Pipany said...

It was just the best day for us too dear Diana. You left us all feeling cheered and rested after so much fun and our beautiful presents are still in the sitting room because they look so pretty there. Walter was a sweetie and the girls want you to come back - BOTH of you that is!!! - very soon, though a walk over your way sounds pretty perfect too. Thank you my lovely, very special friend xxx

kristina said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day--and the perfect knitting group! K x

Simone said...

It all sounds wonderful! I am glad that Walter was included too!x

ginny said...

just lovely ... you lucky girl and i expect Walter had a ball being petted by the girls and Elias...i miss you both and wish i lived closer... now can i ask .. what was the joke you told davey?

dragonfly said...

I do believe Sundays are made for sharing with friends. Your Sunday soucnds perfect.

silverpebble said...

This sounds like total bliss Diana. What a precious day. Lucky lucky you

JuliaB said...

Ahhhh.... that sounds lovely ... I feel like I have been on that sofa with you! xx