Tuesday 1 December 2009


The first of the month is always a good day for starting over with a clean slate. I've been absent from this blog for much of the autumn, and in turn it has become stale and rather dull. Perhaps the saving grace is the odd 'pretty picture' but even they pale after a while. Thank you to those who have not given up on me!

I've been overloaded on the work front, and there has been little time for creating and making. In truth I have that weary end-of-year feeling where I can't wait to get to the christmas break and have the opportunity to just stop. To rest. To restore. To re-focus. And do nothing. I have rather a lot of catching up to do - emails, letters, bloglines (so many unread posts!), and of course some christmas crafting. I have managed a little knitting most days. The gentle rhythm of the needles stitch after stitch is restorative in itself. I'm accumulating a pile of single mitts, playing with colours and stripes and trying to match things up with the names on my gift list. And I'm slowly making progress, which is inspiring me to plod on. But it's far too gloomy for decent photographs, and I can't give too much away either. You never know who might be looking.

So to inspire, a hint of a rainbow, and the ghost of St Michael's Mount.

And the last leaves clinging on to the trees against a wintery sky. These simple things keep me going. The beauty in the every day.

So I intend to be here a little more often over the coming weeks. But no promises. I'll do my best.

* * * * *

Thank you for all the lovely supportive comments on my last post,
each and every one was much appreciated.


ginny said...

hello you ... pleased to see you back in your wonderful little space... i thought of you today when i saw the hard frost on the ground this morning... and whilst thinking of christmas card ideas i have been wondering about whether your gocco machine will be coming out soon too,
much love dear friend and i hope you now have some time to restore and relax,
ginny x

dottycookie said...

It's lovely to hear from you, Diana, even if it is briefly. I hope it's a good kind of busy and that you're able to manage some time for relaxation over Christmas and New Year.

Gina said...

Still here and good to see you back. Hope you manage to get a rest over the holiday period. The rainbow photo is beautiful.

Simone said...

A beautiful soft rainbow! The holiday will soon be here and hopefully you will get a chance to put your feet up! x

kristina said...

Such beautiful pictures. Have definitely missed you, but please don't put any pressure on yourself. We'll still be here when all the work is done, the mitts are made, and letters have been written :) You deserve a nice long relaxing break! K x

willow said...

What a lovely photograph of St Michaels Mount and the rainbow, I like the wave running half-way across the frame. We spent a couple of holidays in Marazion when I was very little and I remember the mount and causeway in the summer, I've never seen it with a sea like that.
This is a time of year to try and rest and restore for all of us, like the animals who hibernate or only emerge during the short daylight hours - sounds good doesn't it?

JuliaB said...

Hi Diana!

I was thinking about you yesterday - it's funny how you wonder where and how people are ... you know. Anyway, glad you are ok. I know exactly what you mean about 'pre hibernation' weariness. I am the same. I have one more week of manic work to do (next week) and then I can stop. Hurrah! Until then, I am mostly not feeling the cheer of the season! xx

Pipany said...

Hello lovely you. Good to know you are ok and that the absence is due to business, not poor health. hopefully the festive rest will do you some good. Can't believe I am saying this, but I have started some more socks - why? Don't even like the way the wool is turning out...argh! Found your pretty gocco card from last year when going through the decoration box last night and it made me smile. Much love Diana (and pencil us in for a weekend visit when things quieten for you) xx

The Curious Cat said...

Lovely to see you - don't worry, we are always here - it is okay to take breaks! :) And I know how you feel - I sooooo feel like that - but that is the problem with living in London and having a hectic lifestyle...hopefully things will relax and calm down during the holidays - and certainly in February for me all being well, when I leave London.

Just take it one step at a time and the holidays will be here before you know it. Loving the photos as usual xxx

Diane said...

You never disapoint with your photos - well worth the wait. xxx

Griffin said...

Ooh, St Michael's Mount! Lucky you to see it, even ghostly.

Yes end of year is a good time to rest and restore and even revive. Still, as Diana, Goddess of the Moon (oops, did you mean to keep that quiet?!) you'll soon be a New Moon again. I rather like the idea of the Moon Goddess knitting mittens!

Purrfect Haven said...

Lovely to find your post again... but take it easy... no obligation... but only a pleasure. Rest up and enjoy some time out. Helen, Darcy & Bingley

dragonfly said...

Hello again x
Your posts are always worth the wait - beautiful photographs.

Lisa said...

Don't rainbows always make your heart lift a little?
Hope December is full of festive goodness for you.
Lisa x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I miss your lovely calm posts Diana and I'm always glad to see you back, however fleeting!

I hope you manage to catch up with everything - but as you say sometimes a clean slate does wonders. Enjoy your gentle Christmas crafting. Take care.

Jeanne x