Tuesday 22 December 2009

this and that

A day of playing catch up. Currently, my 'to do' list and I are not seeing eye to eye. On the other hand there are two days left, but perhaps that's optimistic as I also have a long drive up country to fit in, along with the knitting and the wrapping. The car is ready, along with blankets, a shovel and food supplies. Plan for the worst and all will be well.

I made some gift tags today, so that's another thing ticked off. The twine is from a spool of vintage shoe-mending thread.

It's lovely and fine and slightly nubbly. It's a double-edged sword, things like this - to use, or save and admire?

There's lots of it, so this time I'm opting to use a little.

Some good news - Simone, I have a little package of cards for you. I'm really pleased Simone's name came out of the hat because she has supported my blog all year long, and is a frequent visitor. And she's a Walter fan.


ginny said...

golly you are organised ... i am still in denial that christmas must be wrapped up very shortly... am sewing for the girls tonight... nearly there x

kristina said...

Your gift tags are so lovely. And just perfect with the vintage twine. Hope you have a very safe drive and a wonderful Christmas 'up country'! K x

Ali said...

Safe journey and Happy Christmas!

dottycookie said...

Have a safe drive, Diana - and good on you for being well prepared. My husband always slightly laughs at me but I refuse to even start the car at this time of year without blankets and boots and a flask of something warm. I broke down a couple of times in winter when my elder daughter was tiny and still remember how quickly the car gets cold when the engine is off. Never again.

harmony and rosie said...

I'm just like you with all my vintage fabrics - I buy them with such good intentions but don't have the heart (or the nerve) to cut them up. Love your tags.

Hope you enjoy a very merry Christmas.


Simone said...

My to do list and I have had a fall out too!!! I hope to be making some headway today. Diana I am so happy to have won the cards. I feel almost greedy as I have won a few giveaways recently. Thank you so much.x

Diane said...

Perfect tags Diana. Have a safe journey - its a "mare" on the roads. xx