Monday 13 December 2010

thirteen :: supplies

Every year I ring the changes with my christmas wrapping theme. Usually, I'm inspired by some new ribbon, or a colourway I'd like to try. My staples are brown paper and white tissue paper - sometimes in combination, sometimes separately. Whatever I do, it's usually two colours only and quite minimal.  So, decisions, decisions, do I go for blue/grey and white or red and white?

On another note, I am away for the next two days, but am prepared, with posts ready to go! I hope you're impressed, it's about the only bit of real organisation I've managed so far.

Sadly, I'm attending the funeral of a family friend - one of my Mum's oldest friends. There are few people I can say I've known all my life, but Ann was one of them. This is undoubtedly a sad occasion, but we will be celebrating a well-lived life. She was the sort of person who lit up a room with her humour, laughter, and love for her family and friends. It's hard to think of her without a smile. She was quite simply a legend in her own lifetime, and I think that's quite an achievement. Walter will be staying with friends, and I have the rare treat of relaxing on the train. I can't help but think of uninterrupted hours of knitting. Catch up time?


dragonfly said...

Love the grey/blue but I think I'd be tempted with the festive red and white. I'm a brown paper kinda gal too!

So sorry to hear that you've lost a friend.


Marigold Jam said...

I think the red would be very festive with the brown paper and tissue. Sorry to hear about your friend's death. Enjoy a little quiet time on the train - time for some reflection and maybe some knitting.


Ali said...

Hope you can enjoy the journey, and the funeral - like you say, it's a precious thing to be able to celebrate a life well lived.

Glad I'm not the only one to have to do themed wrapping - mine is brown pper with lace and doileys this year.

Fiona said...

Wonderful ribbon. I can't do themed wrapping, it's always too last minute. Don't be too sad.

A time to dance said...

I have gold paper and string this year...your ribbon is lovely where do you get it???

caireen said...

now did you just zap those reels with your magic wand in order to change the colour (ala bibbity bobbity boo?) - I do hope you know what I'm talking about! It's strange how 'significant' people seem to go at christmas, but then they are always remembered and cherished as part of this time. Cx

kristina said...

I'm so sorry about the funeral. But so glad you'll have time for peace and quiet and knitting on the train :)

K x