Sunday 12 December 2010

twelve :: just a glimpse

I went out first thing this morning to get my tree, and after much deliberation, chose a nordman spruce. It's lovely and dense and bushy, and is now sitting in an old galvanised bucket in my conservatory. I have to confess I've never put a tree up in this house....shameful really, but I'm usually away visiting family. I decided this year it was a must, regardless.

I don't actually have that many decorations, so although it's beautiful and slightly minimal it's probably a little bare.

I do have an angel for the top...perhaps not a conventional angel, but she does make me smile.

I plan on making a few small decorations in the next two weeks, but I am finding time a little short at the moment!
How's your decorating going?


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Well, we bought our tree at least! But some friends popped over in the afternoon so the tree dressing had to wait. This evening I watched the incredibly powerful version of Macbeth on BBC4 - the decorations are still in their box!!

Less is definitely more for Christmas trees as far as I'm concerned. Love your angel Diana.


ellen said...

I think that bare and minimal is just fine. A tree chosen with love, however full, perfect or imperfect wants a loving home. I think that your tree is beautiful. Wishing you the best of the, love and goodness.

Marigold Jam said...

Less is indeed more and over the years you will amass a collection of decorations which will each bring a memory to your tree. Love the unconventional angel!!


caireen said...

think will get them all down next weekend - I tend to circulate between years, so don't think will get a tree this year, have a long artificial wreath which twist lights into, and will go on top shelf of dresser instead! Your tree looks beautiful, it's so nice to have one - a real treat - enjoy Cx

Gina said...

I think minimal is rather beautiful

Diane said...

I have been instructed that I cannot decorate until my daughter comes home from Uni - as she has to do the tree. Roll on Tuesday!xxxx

julie said...

Love your angel - she'd make me smile too. No decorating here yet but plans are afoot for that to change this weekend!

Unknown said...

Gosh I'm feeling all behind now...the tree next weekend -I keep promising myself

Celia Hart said...

I love your angel and the simple glass decorations.