Friday 4 December 2009

something old

I was rummaging in a drawer this morning, trying to locate a few vital documents, when I came across a small pile of old photographs. Old in that they were taken with a film camera, not digitally. It was lovely to be reminded of the quality of film. There's a softness and richness which is so often lacking in digital photos.

This was taken in one of the cottages at Prussia Cove, in the days when I still lived in London but Cornwall had seduced me and I visited as often as possible, dreaming of escaping permanently.

I love that soft autumn light and the way it just brushes over the fruit on the window seat. Makes me think of getting out my old Nikon and taking a roll of film or two. Maybe I'll get round to that in the next few weeks.

Have a happy weekend. I hope your christmas preparations are progressing gently.


ginny said...

it's beautiful Diana... like a painting... love the tiny glimpse of the still life in front of the door.x

kristina said...

I do miss having proper albums and envelopes of photos to look through. Looking at them on the screen just isn't the same... K x

Diane said...

Ive recently started having my photos printed and making proper Albumns again. Lovely photo. xxx

Griffin said...

Yes, you're right. I love looking at old photos I took with my Canon and before that with my Instamatic - there is something about them. A memory of pointing the camera doing all you can and hoping they come out the way you hoped!

Maureen said...

You know what ? I have been fiddling with my old manual 'Pentax K1000' and I love it, especially for black & white photography. I used it a few years back to do all my 'A' level photography course work. I also loved developing my own photo's in the lab at college, it was magical seeing them come to life in the developing tray. Digital is also amazing as we can take a photo, go home and be e-mailing it all within hours. I agree with you though, the film quality is so good.
Have a lovely week-end x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I have quite a few albums of photos, particularly those taken on our travels and they all invoke special memories. I used to have my digital photos printed out as well but have gadually got out of the habit somehow, and they are mostly now just on my computer.

I love that photo Diana it seems to have such depth .. a little vignette of a still-life.

Jeanne x

A time to dance said...

its lovely hearing from you every day Diana...although I am finding it hard keeping up.....I dont know where the time is going we are so busy at work and home ...knitting like a mad woman...there are sparks coming off my knitting needles I can tell you..... and I feel I have deserted my lovely bloggy pals...lots of love to you and yours...H